Wildcats News · Wildcats lose season opener to hot-shooting Rosemount.

Wildcats lose season opener to hot-shooting Rosemount.
#10 in AAAA Rosemount came out of their 10-2 run to end last season looking like they have unfinished business to take care of. They shot 47% from 3, hitting 16, which was apparently a school record. This is disappointing for us! We were a step slow on closeouts, and they really looked for #31 in transition, foregoing possible layups to kick to her shooting 3’s – she was 9 for 11 on the game. Our wildcats couldn’t keep up with that sort of barrage from long range, try as we might, and we fell to Rosemount 58-83. There is never much solace in losing, but we play an extremely challenging schedule to begin the season, facing all AAAA teams, many in the top 10 in AAAA, and one #3 in the nation, so we can’t rest on our laurels – we must use these games as opportunities to get better at the things that we need to, which will help us in March. So, we must close out better to shooters!
Sydni Olson and Mel Honnold each had 13 points for the wildcats, and shooting the ball well, and Audrey Swanson poured in 10 as well. Natalie Meath led the team in rebounds with 5. Jayda Lenz had 4 assists, Allie Zimmer had 3, and quite a few had 2. This year, we are putting extra emphasis on assists, as we need to emphasize and purposefully play FOR EACH OTHER, recognizing how that makes us better as a team, so assists are a point of pride for us this year.
There were many moments that we competed well throughout the game, but digging an early hole for ourselves (down 17-4) made it hard to sustain a run to get back in the game. We need to come ready to play this week, as we will play Hopkins, Roseville, and Lakeville South in a heck of a week for opponents! We must COMPETE the entire game, and that’s our major focus for the year!