ExCEL Award

ExCEL Award

Sponsored by the MSHSL, ExCEL (Excellence in Community, Education and Leadership) is a unique recognition program designed exclusively for high school juniors.

Students who are active in fine arts and/or athletic activities, who show leadership qualities, and who are model citizens are eligible for the award. To be eligible for the ExCEL Award, students must be a junior in high school; making satisfactory progress toward graduation requirements; participate in a League-sponsored fine arts and/or an athletic activity; hold a leadership position in their school; work voluntarily in their community; and meet MSHSL General Eligibility Requirements.

2019 ExCEL Candidates – Natalie Meath and Brady Compaan – More Info

2018 ExCEL Candidates – Carson Dock and Sophia Osterberg – More Info

2017 ExCEL Candidates – Elizabeth Whalen and Caden Turner – More Info

2016 ExCEL Candidates – Emma Lohman and Armando Corona-Armenta – More Info

2015 ExCEL Candidates – Carissa Dock and Alex Carrabre – More Info

2014 ExCEL Candidates – Madelynn Lage and Nathan Glynn – More Info

2013 ExCEL Candidates – Lexi Willems and Tommy Gove – More Info

2012 ExCel Candidates – Amy Parkinson and Matt Rachey – More Info

2011 ExCel Candidates – Marisa Keidel and Maxx Williams – More Info

2010 ExCel Candidates – Tori Larkin and Bryan Synstegaard – More Info

2009 ExCel Candidates – Meredith Proulx and Becky Boughten – More Info