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Activities Welcome

Welcome to Wildcat Activities!  As the Activities Director for District 110, I am very excited about the opportunity to provide leadership and support to the District Activities Program.  I take great pride in developing positive relationships with people, especially students, coaches, advisors and parents.  Effective communication and teamwork are essential in assuring success, as well as positive experiences throughout ALL of our programs at District 110. This website has been created to better provide you with information regarding the activities program in District 110 Schools.  Information pertaining to procedures, offerings, philosophies, program guidelines, code of conduct expected of students and of parents/fans, as well as important eligibility information is included.The District 110 Activities Program focuses on the student, which includes team development, character building, competition and sportsmanship.  The Activities Department, as well as the staff at Clearwater Middle School and Waconia High School continues to feel that student participation in a school’s activities program is an integral component to the overall education of a student. National studies continue to show that students involved in a school’s activities program perform better academically and have better attendance records.  Through participation in activity programs, students learn self-discipline, build self-confidence and develop skills to handle competitive situations.  Membership on a team is not a right, but a privilege. All participants must realize that they represent not only themselves, but also their school and community.  Working together we can create a positive feeling of school loyalty and pride, which can be shared by all: participants, the student body, parents, coaches, and the community as a whole.We are excited about all of the outstanding opportunities that exist in District 110 for students to participate in and we look forward to having your child in our programs.


Jill Johnson, District 110 Activities Director